Samsung Fridge Freezer not Freezing Issues and Fixes

samsung fridge not freezing

Samsung fridge freezer not freezing is the most important problem you might face, even if you have a relatively new model.

Here are the prerequisites for checking Samsung refrigerator freezer is not freezing and completing routine maintenance on your refrigerator. With proper maintenance, your it should survive for at least 10 to 15 years before you need to consider repairing or replacing it.

  • Reset Power
  • Incorrect Thermostat Setting
  • Freezer Needs Defrosting
  • Failing Door Seals
  • Dirty Condenser Coils
  • Failed Condenser or Evaporator Fan Motor
Samsung freezer not working but fridge is fine
samsung freezer not freezing but fridge is cold

Most people believe their Samsung freezer is not freezing, but the fridge is cold. So, to fix Samsung fridge freezer problems, here are the top 7 causes for a Samsung fridge freezer not freezing:

The Onboard Controller is Unresponsive

Today's refrigerators feature an internal control panel. Multiple control boards can be found in some Samsung refrigerator models. Your refrigerator's electronic controllers and its many features are like minicomputers in that they communicate with one another and process data.

As a result, the onboard controllers or computers, such as your desktop, laptop, tablet, etc., can "freeze" (pardon the pun). A non-freezing Samsung fridge could result from a computer that isn't working. If nothing else is wrong with the freezer, you can address the inactivity and get it back to regular operation.

Fix: Samsung power freeze fixes freezer difficulties for many users. Unplug and restart the unit to fix it. This troubleshooting is incomplete.

samsung refrigerator freezer not freezing

The Refrigerator is Close to a Heat Source.

No refrigerator, no matter the brand, should ever be placed in a window. You shouldn't put your Samsung fridge next to the range, the oven, or any other heat sources in the kitchen. Nearby heat sources compromise a refrigerator's ability to cool and freeze food.

Refrigerators don't exist or function in a vacuum, despite their insulation. The external or ambient temperatures will affect the cooling efficiency and, more significantly, freezing. Also, if you want your freezer to work at peak efficiency, you shouldn't put it anywhere near a heat source.

Fix : Avoid direct sunlight, stove, and oven near your fridge. Samsung refrigerator condenser coils generate significant heat. Thus, sunlight and other heat sources can increase condenser heat.

The Unit doesn't have Sufficient Clearance.

There must be space on both sides for your Samsung refrigerator to operate properly. If the condenser coil and its fan aren't given enough room, they won't be able to remove enough heat from the refrigerator. In addition, the system's refrigerant won't cool and circulate as it should, leading to inefficient freezing.

Fix: A refrigerator cabinet or standalone fridge should have at least 2 inches (~50 mm) of room on both sides and behind it. At least 4 inches (~100 mm) should be above the refrigerator.

The Temperature Settings are Inaccurate.

Double-check that your Samsung fridge isn't set to "energy saver" or "eco" mode. I'm assuming that your fridge isn't in the "cooling off" way, in which case, both the freezer and refrigerator would be inoperable. Some modes on Samsung refrigerators prevent food from freezing.

Fix: Disable any unnecessary Samsung refrigerator modes like "energy saver," "cooling off," etc. Check the freezer temperature. After that, empty your refrigerator and reset the uncooperative controller.

The Door Gaskets or Seals Aren't Airtight

A leaking or damaged door gasket is another potential cause of ice or frost buildup on the freezer components. The freezer door seal is not airtight if warm air may enter. Condensation will form as the warm air raises the freezer temperature. As a result of the condensation, strange icing forms.

An evaporator coil that has become frozen will not function properly. The fan, the freezer's thermistor, and other components can all be compromised by an accumulation of ice. As a result, the ability of your Samsung refrigerator to freeze properly is compromised by a gasket that leaks.

Samsung fridge repairs need expertise and experienced skilled service engineers to solve the problem of Samsung freezers effectively is not cold.

Fix: Check the door gasket for misalignment and distortion, then check the gasket and door frame for debris and muck. Rigid debris may prevent the gasket from sealing. Thus, clean and align the gasket.

Clean the seal or gasket with warm water, baking soda, and a lint-free rag or microfiber cloth. Deformed, worn, or damaged door gaskets are irreparable. You need a new one.

The Condenser Fan Is Failing or Not Working

The sixth reason why Samsung fridges are not freezing is that if the condenser fan in your Samsung fridge breaks, you won't have any cold food to store. The food inside may still be cold even if the refrigerator's fan isn't working correctly because of dust. However, if the fan isn't adequately cooling the condenser coil and compressor, the freezer isn't likely to reach an optimal temperature.

samsung fridge freezer not freezing because of the condenser fan is failing or not working

Fix: Unrepairable freezer thermistors must be replaced. To confirm that the thermistor is broken, test its resistance. If the thermistor is fractured or damaged, replace it.

The Freezer is Overloaded or Understocked.

The freezer should be just half full for optimal freezing performance, while the refrigerator should be loaded to within three-quarters capacity. The freezer will not work properly if it is too full or empty. Overstuffing the freezer can also prevent air from circulating.

Fix: Optimize freezer load. You don't have to determine your freezer's half-load capacity. Avoid overstocking. Rearrange the food stock so the freezer has enough airflow.


We cover Samsung fridge freezer, not freezing common issues and fixes to help you find and solve the problems easily with your new refrigerator. If you follow the prerequisites and the causes and your Samsung fridge could not be repaired, Cold Direct helps you with the right and clear solution with a variety of refrigeration brands repairs.

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