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Inomak Fridge Repairs: Revitalize Your Refrigeration Efficiency

One important consideration while shopping for food service equipment is the manufacturer's raw materials standard.

For instance, Inomak's freezers last for decades while being made from the highest quality steel (stainless steel AISI 304), which does not rust or split.

Each of their refrigerators and freezers uses cutting-edge technology that follows all applicable ISO standards. If you have an Inomak refrigerator that breaks down, don't worry; just call us, and we'll do our best to get it up and running again at an affordable fee.

Experience uninterrupted cooling performance with our expert Inomak Fridge Repairs, ready to serve customers with any refrigeration brand repair to stay fresh and thriving

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Inomak Fridge Repairs & Services

Like wine cooler repairs, Inomak Fridge Repairs include various items that are common ones listed below:

Compressor repair or replacement

The compressor, a crucial part of the refrigeration system, needs maintenance or replacement. The compressor may need to be fixed or replaced if it breaks down or develops problems.

Thermostat replacement

A thermostat controls the Refrigerator temperature, which needs to be replaced periodically. It may need to be changed if it fails to perform appropriately and restore temperature regulation.

Evaporator fan repair or replacement

The evaporator fan, which pushes cold air around the refrigerator, should be serviced or replaced periodically. It might be time for a replacement if it suddenly stops operating or starts making a lot of noise.

Defrost system repair

If your refrigerator has a defrost system, you may need to fix or replace the defrost timer, heater, and thermostat.

Door seal replacement

Repair or replacement of door seals is recommended if they are damaged or worn. Changing out the seals on the doors might assist in keeping the air conditioning working as it should.

Electrical component repair

Replacement or repair of faulty electrical components may be necessary to restore proper refrigeration operation.

Refrigerant leak detection and repair

Finding the leak, fixing it, and recharging the system to the right pressures and temperatures are all tasks that fall under the purview of a competent technician in the event of a refrigerant leak.

Which Models of Inomak Refrigeration Can Cold Direct Fix?

We have multiple Inomak engineers in fixing all varieties of Inomak refrigerators, including:

Inomak Upright Refrigerators repair

Refrigerators and freezers with glass doors and upright designs are included here. This could be something you find in a home or commercial kitchen.

Inomak Refrigerated Counters repair

Here, you may get your series 70, series 60, or snack series fixed up.

Inomak display fridge repair

Display fridges are commonly used in commercial settings, such as grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants, to showcase perishable items like food and beverages. Proper repair ensures that the fridge maintains the correct temperature and humidity levels, preserving the quality and freshness of the displayed products. This is crucial for customer satisfaction and food safety.

The specific repairs required for a display fridge repairs can vary depending on the nature of the problem, and Cold Direct can cover all these types of issues in one package.

Inomak commercial freezer repair

Customer satisfaction must be the first priority for any company in the commercial refrigerator manufacturing sector of the food service equipment market if they want to succeed.

Inomak makes high-quality refrigerators and goes out of its way to make replacement parts for Inomak refrigerators simple to get by. Any Inomak refrigeration product, not just refrigerators, may be fixed quickly and easily by our expert technicians due to our strict quality control measures throughout production.

Inomak commercial Refrigerator repair is a small part of Cold Direct Commercial appliance repairs that involves diagnosing and addressing any issues or malfunctions with Inomak's commercial freezer units that we can help you with.

Inomak Upright Refrigerator Spares repair

We are a top distributor of Inomak commercial refrigeration replacement components in the United Kingdom. We have a comprehensive inventory of replacement parts for all Inomak commercial under-counter storage refrigerators.

Spare and replacement components for the Inomak line of cold servers and hot countertop preparation units are also available from our company.


If you hire experts to fix your Inomak display fridge, you can avoid costly downtime, protect your inventory, and keep your fridge running well for years. Choose trustworthy Inomak repair services to maintain peak performance in your display refrigerator and keep consumers happy.

"Contact us today for reliable and efficient Inomak fridge repairs in London that will keep your business running smoothly."

Here is the Inomak freezer repairs contact number: 0800 112 34 27

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