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Cold Room Repairs, Services and Maintenances

If you choose to repair cold stores in your facility, then Cold Direct is here to help! We are specialists in all types of cold room service and repair in London.

We have a great deal of experience in coldroom repair & service, and have worked for some of the leading retail brands, fast food and public house chains in London.

Whether you need coldroom repairs London for an equipment that needs attention, we are fully equipped to deal with most of the issues on a first fix basis, and are provided with the latest resources to offer long term solutions to all problems.

Our friendly customer support staffs receive and respond to inquiries usually the same day. Just give us a call and we will arrange a comprehensive site survey followed by a competitive quote.

Cold Room Services in London
Cold Room Repair

Cold Direct Repair, maintenance & Service

Cold Direct has a competitive pricing structure for coldroom repair and service because we are committed to provide quality service at an affordable price. Our engineers are always on the road and usually stock large quantity of materials for quick response to breakdown situations.

  • Same-day service
  • Evenings and weekends services at no extra cost!
  • Highly skilled and experienced engineers
  • 12months guarantee on our repairs
  • Friendly service at competitive prices

Essentials for Cold Room Repairs

To maintain the proper temperature range and guarantee that the refrigeration system performs well, cold room repairs are crucial. Checking and cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, replacing broken fans or motors, fixing leaks in the refrigerant lines, replacing worn-out gaskets, and inspecting and calibrating the thermostat and other control systems are a few examples of necessary repairs.

It is possible to prevent malfunctions and guarantee that the system performs at its best by performing routine maintenance and inspections in the cold room. To maintain the security of the machinery and the goods kept within, it's also crucial to have a qualified technician do any repairs or maintenance tasks.

Our skilled staff offers commercial appliance repairs, including cold room repairs. services provided by our knowledgeable team is cold room repair.Contact a Cold Direct specialist for cold room upkeep.

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