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First, let's know the main parts of commercial fridge:

Commercial Fridge Repair and its Main Pieces

Compressor: This is the main component that powers the refrigeration cycle and cools the interior of the refrigerator.

Evaporator: It is a part that absorbs heat from inside the refrigerator and transfers it to the condenser.

Condenser: This is the component that releases the absorbed heat to the outside air.

Thermostat: controls the temperature inside the refrigerator by turning on and off the compressor and fans.

Fans: These circulate the air inside the refrigerator to ensure even cooling.

Door gasket: There are seals around the door that keep the cool air inside and the warm air outside.

Shelves and Shelves: These are interior components that hold and organise food and drink.

Lighting: Some refrigerators have built-in lighting that helps you see the contents.

Control board or Control tamparicher: This is the main control centre of the refrigerator that controls all functions and alarms of the refrigerator.

Drain pan: It is the part that collects the condensate water and drains it through the pipe.

Door Lock: This is an option that can be added for security purposes.

Casters: Some refrigerators have wheels (castors) for easy portability.

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How Should You Know If a Commercial Fridge Needs Repair?

To know if a commercial refrigerator needs repair or not, pay attention to the following signs:

Temperature problems: If the refrigerator is not cooling properly, the thermostat, compressor or refrigerant may be to blame.

Strange noises:If the refrigerator is making unusual noises such as humming, rattling or rattling, it may need to be repaired.

Leaks:If you see water or condensation building up under the fridge, you may have a leak that needs to be fixed.

Door Seal Problems: If the door seal is damaged or broken, cold air can escape and warm air can enter, requiring repair.

Electrical problems: If the refrigerator does not turn on or off properly, it may need electrical repairs.

Increased energy consumption: If you notice that the energy consumption of the refrigerator has increased, it may need repair or maintenance.

Capacity problems: If the refrigerator does not store as much food as it used to, it may need repair or maintenance.

And also other problems such as:

  • High temperature display
  • Frozen product inside
  • Blinking temperature control
  • The temperature control does not show any temperature.
  • Ice block evaporator without defrosting.
  • The refrigerator is hot
  • He sweats
  • The device is running too long
  • and more…

If any of these occur, your commercial fridge needs repair or service, so contact us at Cold Direct Appliance Repairs straight away, our experienced London commercial fridge repair engineers will be at your location to check any of the following.

What Do We Generally Know About Commercial Fridge Repair?

Commercial fridge repair requires familiarity with the vast variety of these fridges and typical issues that take place for everyone in daily use of them. Here is general information about commercial fridge repair that every user must know.

Cold room commercial fridge repair

Cold Room Repair is usually done by a trained technician who will diagnose the problem and perform the necessary repairs. The technician will assess the system's condition, replace any damaged or worn components, and recharge the refrigerant as needed.

Regular maintenance of cold rooms is also essential to prevent breakdowns and ensure they operate efficiently. It is recommended to schedule routine maintenance checks to identify and address any issues before they become more significant problems.

Freezer Rooms Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Freezer Rooms (walk in Freezer ) are utilised where it is essential to store a large quantity of decaying or easily spoiled food and supplies at low temperatures for a long period of time such as Food processing plants, Convenience stores and gas stations, laboratories and restaurants. Problems in Freezer Rooms can cause crucial financial problems for the owners if left unsolved.

Ice machines repair

Ice machines are the fastest and tidiest way to provide favoured shape and size ice with high quality. You can prepare large quantities of ice for your events in a short amount of time. The operation and maintenance of ice machines can vary depending on the specific type and model. Regular maintenance of your ice machine can help longevity of your device and is financially beneficial

Other types of commercial fridge repair services include:

  • Wine cooler repair used as a cooler room or cooling system
  • Ice-cream machine repair
  • Display fridge repair have different types such as: Serving Display Refrigerators, Counter Top Display Fridges, Fruit & Veg Multitasks, Meat & Fish Display Fridges, Commercial Cake Display Fridges and Multi-level refrigerators …
  • Freezer (commercial freezer repair) including: Upright freezer, under counter freezer, glass door freezer, standing freezer and chest freezer …
  • Fridge (commercial fridge repair) varies: Upright fridge, under counter fridge, glass door fridge, standing fridge and free standing …

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