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Koldbox Fridge Repair and Services in London

It would help if you were certain that anybody you hire to fix your Koldbox fridge or freezer has the necessary experience and training to accomplish the job. Owning a business in the food and catering industry necessitates using specialized machinery, which can only be repaired by trained professionals.

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Types of Koldbox fridge repairs

Types of Koldbox freezers are ideal for cafes, restaurants, hotels, and university/high school cafeterias, but some situation always leads to repair. So Cold Direct is here to help you with every type of refrigeration brands repair, including koldbox service repairs.

If you are wondering where to leave your Koldbox repair, we can offer koldbox fridge repairs in London

  • Koldbox Counter refrigerators repair
  • Koldbox display refrigerator repair
  • Koldbox 2 Door Sliding Bottle Cooler repair
  • Koldbox Back Bar Bottle Coolers repair

1. Koldbox KXCC3-PREP Refrigerated Saladette Counter repair

The Koldbox KXCC3-PREP is the best option if you want to save time and money on food preparation while getting the most out of your storage space and energy efficiency. With this saladette counter's high-power insulation and top-loading gastronorm well, you'll always have quick access to the products and supplies you need.

Featuring a distinctive stainless steel finish on both sides and rounded inside corners for easy cleaning and maintenance, this prep counter's door has a replacement gasket to extend its longevity.

koldbox Counter refrigerators repair in london

2. Koldbox Two Door 2/1 Gastronorm Fridge KXR1200 repair

If you own a restaurant, hotel, or catering business, you need a Koldbox Two Door 2/1 Gastronorm Fridge KXR1200.

It has a 201 stainless steel exterior and interior, with rounded internal corners for ease of cleaning, as well as 60 mm of insulation and three GN2/1 adjustable shelves per door.

koldbox two door fridge repair in london

3. Koldbox KBC2SL 2 Door Sliding Bottle Cooler repair

If you want to show off your beverages to their best advantage, go no further than the Koldbox KBC2SL double sliding door bottle cooler. This glass sliding system is ideal for bars and restaurants with limited counter space.

The black vinyl exterior of this multi-use bottle cooler provides a more understated appearance while also hiding fingerprints and smudges on the hygienic, easy-to-wipe-down aluminum interior. Adjustable Shelves to Hold 275 Liters of Liquid.

Paraphrased from the ml bottles to hold ml bottles. You may advertise your company with the help of the Koldbox KBC2SL double sliding door bottle fridge, which allows you to design your logo or branding. Positioning on non-level surfaces is possible thanks to the height-adjustable feet. Ideal for routine, professional use in rigorous settings.

Cold Direct repair Bottle Cooler in london

4. Koldbox KXCC3 Three-Door Gastronorm 1/1 Counter Fridge repair

With a stainless steel exterior and interior, the Koldbox KXCC3 Three-Door Gastronorm Counter Fridge is a double-door refrigerated prep counter built to endure the demands of a professional kitchen. Those needing cold storage and preparation space will appreciate the Koldbox small counter units and counter fridge units.

Koldbox KXCC3 Three-Door Gastronorm 1/1 Counter Fridge repair in london

5. Koldbox KXF600 Commercial Single Door 600ltr Freezer repair

The Koldbox KXF600 is a high-capacity commercial freezer built to last and designed specifically for use in restaurants and other commercial kitchens.

Its stainless steel design and adjustable temperature control provide efficient freezing and storage for various food items.

The KXF600 is an excellent commercial freezer option due to its frost-free operation, single-door design, and high energy efficiency.

Koldbox KXF600 Commercial Single Door 600ltr Freezer repair in london

What to consider for Koldbox fridge repairs?

Like wine cooler repair, Kold Box fridge repairs need some critical factors to keep in mind:

  • Expertise and Experience: Find a professional or repair agency that has worked with Koldbox refrigerators before. They should be well-versed in the product line, its parts, and typical problems.
  • Genuine Parts: Insist that the service provider only installs OEM Koldbox parts. Authentic components are manufactured to precisely match the specifications of the refrigerator specifically, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
  • Cost and Budget: before obtaining a precise estimate of the costs, it is vital to get a clear assessment of the Budget. Check the rates of several repair shops, but don't forget to factor in the value of experience and quality.
  • Timely Service: Prompt service is essential to minimizing your refrigerator's downtime and preventing additional damage. Find a business with a solid reputation for repairing quickly and effectively.
  • Maintenance Plans: Think about getting on the repair service's maintenance plan. Maintaining your Koldbox refrigerator regularly might help forestall any problems and lengthen its useful life.
  • Reputation and Reviews: Look into the background and reviews of the repair service you are considering hiring. Check for recommendations, dependability, and expertise.

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