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If you are wondering how to come up with a cost-effective, accessible, and reliable Prodis fridge repairs center, Cold Direct is one of them, as it has a dedicated team of eligible and skilled specialists in Prodi's refrigeration repair.

We offer a diversity of services and maintenance for refrigeration brands repair, including Prodis fridge repairs, in multiple aspects.

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What is Prodis?

Prodis, originally founded in 1995 as Project Distribution Ltd, takes its name from its founding principle of "Economy Without Compromise."

Prodis is a popular choice for commercial kitchens of all sizes due to its excellent value across a wide selection of Refrigeration, ware washing, and cooking appliances.

Prodis carefully sources items from throughout the world, puts them through extensive quality control testing, and has a specialized service and replacement parts department to guarantee the longevity of your machine.

Prodi's Fridge Common Problems & Repairs

Prodis Refrigeration has rapidly established itself as a go-to name among professional caterers of all stripes. The extensive selection includes light, medium, and heavy duty lockable refrigerators, freezers, blast chillers, prep counters, bottle coolers, ice makers, and wine coolers.

Prodis has the perfect refrigeration product for you, whether you run a care home, takeaway, busy commercial restaurant, or just want a mini-fridge for your hotel reception, thanks to our extensive selection of commercial Refrigeration and comprehensive selection of genuine Prodis refrigeration spares and accessories.

Prodis Cooler Not Working

Inconsistent cooling and preservation of perishables is a common problem with older, poorly maintained cooling systems. There's a higher chance of spoilage, disease, and waste when this occurs.

Even though you might not notice that your refrigerator isn't operating right away if the temperature is fluctuating, you'll definitely notice if it breaks down unexpectedly or your food spoils. The optimal chilling temperatures necessary to ensure food safety can no longer be maintained.

Prodis fridge not cooling

Podis fridge is not cooling for a variety of reasons which are listed below:

  • Power-related problems – is the power cord intact, or is the device plugged correctly?
  • Condenser coils – the coils need to be clean for the fridge to function correctly.
  • Problems with the fan(s) – mechanical problems or dust issues with the condenser fan (if there's one) and the evaporator fan may be the cause of your fridge freezer not cooling properly.
  • Bad air flow – overfilled or completely empty fridges won't be cooling as they should and will be less energy-efficient.
  • Blocked vents – if the vents are obstructed, this will also affect your refrigerator's performance.
  • The thermostat – if the fridge compressor is running but not cooling, the cold controls could have been tampered with.
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Prodis Double-Door Fridge Repair

The Prodis XD1201 Double Glass Door Fridge is perfect for creating an eye-catching chilled display in restaurants, cafes, and canteens. With the double-hinged doors, customers can get their orders quickly, even during peak times. A lot of stuff may be stored, so there's always plenty to go around.

Cold Direct helps you with different issues with Prodis double-door fridge and repairs all its probable problems with reasonable Prodis fridge price services.

Prodis Bottle Cooler Repair

Standard features of the Prodis NT2BH Double Door Bottle Cooler include digital temperature control, self-closing lockable doors, and energy-efficient pure white LED illumination. When it comes to bottle coolers, this series is among the most extensive offerings in the UK.

Single, double, and triple-door options are all part of the under-counter line, which comes in black, silver, and stainless steel.

The upright variants may be had with either one or two doors, and they stand out from the crowd with their incredibly bright vertical LED lighting and shiny stainless steel interiors.

When it comes to fixing Prodis refrigerators, no one can match our experience and expertise. We care about your repair needs from the moment you call.

We service all models of Prodis refrigerators, Prodis freezers, Prodis chillers, and Prodis bottle cookers> and can easily solve any problem with any elements of Prodis Bottle Cooler.

Prodis commercial fridge repair

Commercial Refrigeration is essential for anyone in charge of a commercial kitchen, whether it be a restaurant or a care facility. A breakdown in commercial equipment can be costly to fix, and it can also lead to spoilage, which can result in lost inventory and revenue.

Regular maintenance and servicing by a trained commercial refrigeration specialist is the best approach to minimizing costly breakdowns in a commercial refrigerator.

Regarding commercial Refrigeration, annual planned preventative maintenance (PPM) has many advantages, including a decreased likelihood of breakdowns, reduced energy consumption, continued F-Gas compliance for your business, and a longer lifespan.

The maintenance service provided by Cold Direct Commercial Appliance Repairs for Prodis refrigerators is great. In reality, preventing an equipment breakdown is much more cost-effective than fixing it after it occurs. To schedule Prodis fridge repairs in London, dial Prodis fridge repair phone number: 0203 952 4822

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