A Quick Guide to Types of Cold Room Refrigeration

types of cold room Refrigeration

Different types of cold rooms serve unique functions and might vary in size, construction, and design.

Commercial facilities need precise temperature control from cold rooms for unstable perishable products like food and chemicals. Businesses that handle these products can rest easy knowing that their fragile products will be better preserved, deteriorate less, and meet legal and commercial storage criteria for diverse stock types.

What is Cold Room?

A cold room is a warehouse that maintains a constant temperature artificially. In most cases, it's meant for cold storage, wherein goods are kept at a temperature lower than the ambient air.

Fresh produce, seafood, meat, and flowers all fall into the category of perishable goods that must be refrigerated.

The core of a cold room is built with panels that are typically reinforced or comprised of insulating or lagging materials, including Polyurethane, Polystyrene, and Polyisocyanurate (PUR, PS, and PI) (PIR)

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6 Types of Cold Room Refrigeration

Depending on the type, quantity, and duration of storage needed, several cold storages are employed. Having a reliable cold storage provider is crucial to the success of any business that relies on the quality of its products to uphold its reputation.

It's also important since it helps decrease distribution and storage costs while keeping customers happy. Here we dig through the 6 important different types of cold rooms fall in terms of their intended use:

Walk in cold rooms

Walk-in Cold Rooms

The most up-to-date walk-in rooms have cutting-edge features. Manufacturers of cold storage rooms currently provide a diverse selection of walk-in chillers. Major corporations and conglomerates typically use freezers of this type.

Yet, with the development of specialized cold room panels, even smaller enterprises have been able to put in functional walk-in chillers. The size of a walk-in chiller can be adjusted to suit your needs, allowing you to make the most of the available room in your building.

Modular Cold Rooms

When it comes to temperature control, our clients often call for "modular cold rooms," which are insulated chambers constructed on location to their exact specifications.

Carrier's Modular Cold Rooms provide fully dependable chilling and preservation chambers designed to your specifications using high-quality PUF Insulated Panels (through our approved vendors) and Refrigeration Units from the Carrier India facility as well as other factories across the world.

industrial cold room

Industrial Cold Rooms

Industrial cold rooms are used for just what their name implies: meeting massive cooling demands. Manufacturers of cool rooms like Teck Chuan Industrial Sdn Bhd offer customized and standardized options for use in the industrial sector.

In addition, special industrial refrigeration facilities are being designed to meet specific needs. Among the many places, these cold rooms are used in the food processing sector, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, frozen food business, and many other places.

Freezer Rooms

Freezers are built to maintain temperatures below zero, which extends the shelf life of perishable goods like food. Unfortunately, a freezer chamber can't rapidly freeze things like a blast freezer can. Also, many products and materials, such as those that melt at extremely low temperatures, shouldn't be stored in a freezer. Items that need to be used immediately and won't have time to defrost in the freezer are likewise not a good fit.

Chill Rooms

Chilled rooms are storage facilities that use refrigeration to keep food and other perishables fresh for longer periods. The normal temperature range for a chilled room is between 0 and 5 °C.

The primary refrigerant in direct expansion air coolers is typically employed in cold storage applications. Applications with multiple and large chilled rooms or applications with a significant distance between the chilled room and the heat rejection plant are examples of where liquid transfer fluid is used.

multipurpose cold stores

Multipurpose Cold Stores

The multipurpose cold storage facilities are open virtually all year and are used to store a wide range of goods. Fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, spices, lentils, and milk products are just some items that can be kept fresh for extended periods in these refrigerated warehouses. These establishments have typically been placed close to major population hubs.

All kinds of Cold Room Brands (which One is the Best)?

Many cool room brands are available in many shapes and sizes, with different purposes in different categories, such as storage cold rooms, freezing cold rooms, and deep freezing tunnels, including Hengel, ILKA ZELL, DAGARD, WISKIND, Whilliams, etc.

Calcooling is a program available through INTARCON that helps determine the size of a refrigeration system required for a given cold storage facility. The software displays the computed values once the user inputs information such as the kind of cold room (modular, chilled cabinet, display cabinet, side cabinet...), the type of insulation, and the size.


Different cold rooms are used in many different sectors because of the many benefits it provides in terms of product safety, durability, and freshness longevity. Your company's choice of energy-efficient and cost-effective cold storage will depend on factors such as the type of food or product being stored, the size of the facility, the storage conditions, and the length of time the facility will be used.

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