All Types of Commercial Display Fridge / Glass Fronted Fridges

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Display fridge is a reliable way to keep products fresh while displaying your drinks, cakes and sandwiches to potential customers.

First, we explain in detail what a display refrigerator is, and then we talk about all types of display fridge.

What Is a Display Fridge?

refers to equipment used to store and display food/beverages in commercial establishments. This is a way to keep the product cool while giving customers a clear view of what you have to offer.

Commercial display refrigerators and commercial display freezers are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

For example, in a supermarket, a large freezer with glass doors would be an ideal solution for displaying frozen goods.

Display refrigerators and freezers are available in upright or under-counter styles, or multi-level or hand-held refrigerators with glass doors and other styles. Whether it's self-service or a glass door, it's an ideal way to store cold drinks or fresh food. Customers are attracted by the temptation of displayed products and can browse at their leisure.


Commercial Display Fridges are a great investment. Not only do they help to keep your chilled food and drinks at the perfect serving temperature, they also help you to merchandise your products effectively to maximize sales.

Commonly seen in cafés, bars, takeaways and canteens, a front of house display fridge needs to be able to reliably hold large quantities of stock with minimal maintenance, whilst also providing easy access for customers or staff. This guide should help you decide the best type of display fridge for your requirements.

display fridge types
all type of display refrigerator

Types of Display Fridge

There are various sorts of display refrigerators; we'll describe the most popular types below.

Comercial Beer Fridge

A Commercial Beer Fridge or back bar cooler is a type of display refrigerator and perfect for bars, pubs, clubs or leisure centres. The most common type of beer fridge is the undercounter back bar chiller which provides easy access to chilled bottled or canned beverages, although upright versions with a higher capacity are also available.

Usual features in beer fridges are sliding or hinged doors and attractive lighting, which helps to draw the customer's eye to the contents - especially in dark clubs or bars. Critical buying considerations for beer fridges are capacity and access, although efficiency and appearance can also be important, especially if you have multiple fridges.

commercial wine display fridge

serve over counter display fridge

A counter service is another type of display fridge that can often be one of the biggest appliances in a food service business. These are designed for chilled foods and drinks such as pastries, cheese, cured meats or fish.

Since these large appliances are often one of the first things a customer might see, a stylish look that matches your home's aesthetic appeal is essential. Size and temperature range are also important, as the appliance must fit seamlessly into your front of house while keeping food at the right temperature.

serve over counter display fridge

Refrigerated Merchandiser

The third types of display fridge is the Refrigerated Merchandiser. From small countertop displays to large, rotating cake chillers, keeps your chilled products at the perfect serving temperature and tantalizingly merchandised.

A refrigerated merchandiser, also known as a refrigerated display case or refrigerator display unit, is a piece of equipment commonly used in commercial settings such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants. Its primary purpose is to store and display perishable food items and beverages in a chilled environment, ensuring they remain fresh and appealing to customers.

Refrigerated merchandisers come in various sizes and configurations, including upright cases, horizontal cases, and countertop units. They are typically designed with transparent doors or glass panels to provide a clear view of the products inside, allowing customers to easily browse and select items. The refrigeration system within the merchandiser maintains a consistent and controlled temperature, usually between 0°C and 10°C (32°F to 50°F), depending on the specific requirements of the products being displayed.

These units often have adjustable shelves or compartments to accommodate different types of products and allow for easy organization. They may also feature interior lighting to enhance product visibility and attract attention.

Refrigerated merchandisers play a crucial role in preserving the quality and safety of perishable goods while maximizing their visual appeal, which can have a significant impact on sales and customer satisfaction.

Refrigerated Merchandiser display

The Diverse Types of Display Fridges Enhanced by Multidesk Level Displays

The multi-tiered display refrigerator or multideck fridges is a large, open-front merchandiser that allows customers to select chilled products directly from the shelf. Commonly seen in convenience stores, sandwich shops, and cafes, multiple floors are a great way to encourage quick sales, especially near queuing areas.

Due to the large size and open design, important considerations when purchasing a multi-story are capacity, number of shelves, and security. While Serve Over counters are considered "helpful service", a multi-tiered display fridge is self-service - perfect for reducing queues and maximizing sales.

Multidesk Display fridge

Display Freezer

On a hot summer's day, nothing brings customers a sweet treat like delicious ice cream or candy. Likewise, offering a takeaway service of frozen desserts or simply merchandising boxed ready meals can help you profit with a commercial display freezer.

There are several types of display freezers available, each designed to cater to different needs and product requirements. Here are some common types of display freezers:

Upright Display Freezer: This type of display freezer is similar to an upright refrigerator, but specifically designed for frozen food items. It features a vertical design with transparent glass doors, allowing customers to see the products inside. Upright display freezers are commonly used in supermarkets and larger retail stores.

Chest Freezer: A chest freezer is a horizontally oriented freezer with a hinged lid on top. It provides a large storage capacity and is ideal for storing bulk items or items that require deep freezing. Chest freezers are often used in grocery stores, convenience stores, and commercial kitchens.

Countertop Display Freezer: As the name suggests, countertop display freezers are small, compact units designed to be placed on countertops or other elevated surfaces. They are commonly used in cafes, ice cream shops, and convenience stores to display and sell single-serve frozen treats or small frozen food items.

Glass-Top Display Freezer: This type of display freezer features a glass top and sides, providing a 360-degree view of the frozen products. It is commonly used for showcasing ice cream, frozen desserts, and frozen novelties in retail settings. Glass-top display freezers are especially popular in ice cream parlors and specialty dessert shops.

Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet: Ice Cream display freezers are specialized display freezers designed specifically for ice cream. They have a glass top and front, allowing customers to see and choose from various flavors. Dipping cabinets often have built-in compartments for holding ice cream scoops, toppings, and cones.

Ice Cream Display fridge

Cake Display Fridges

Cake display fridges are specifically designed for showcasing cakes, pastries, and desserts. They often feature glass panels on multiple sides for maximum visibility and may have adjustable temperature and humidity controls to keep the cakes fresh.

Cake Display Fridges

Other Chiller Food Displays

There are a number of other food service devices that keep food cold for quick service, although they don't necessarily fall into another category. Some are more unusual than others. For example, a cold salad bar is ideal for serving pre-made salads and desserts, while a choco grill or anti-grill may be a bit unusual. There are also food display stations that are ideal for highlighting new products to your customers.

Whichever you choose, each of these machines will help you showcase your chilled foods and maximize sales. Ensure that your display refrigeration equipment is serviced once a year by a qualified refrigeration engineer.

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