Common Problems with Wine Coolers and Fixes

common problems with Wine Coolers

Common problems with Wine Coolers can lead to spoilage, wine quality issues, and even damage to the appliance itself, making it important to address these issues promptly.

Suburban wine enthusiasts and restaurants without access to an underground wine cellar can thank the inventors of the wine cooler. A disappointing glass of wine results from a faulty or malfunctioning wine refrigerator, so not all wine coolers are created equal, and any given one could suddenly stop functioning. Several typical issues may necessitate servicing.

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wine fridge common problems
common problems with wine fridge

6 important common problems with Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are an excellent method to keep and age wine at a constant temperature, but they, like any device, can malfunction. Here are some typical issues and common problems with wine coolers:

The Wine Cooler Won't Turn On

This is the first common problems with wine coolers that we want to talk about.

Wine cooler not turning on happens when it comes to a major issue with the mains power or the PSU circuit board.

You should know the inner workings of your wine fridge before doing anything else. Wine refrigerators use either a compressor or a thermoelectric cooling technology to maintain a cool environment inside the cabinet.

There could be a number of cases that leads to cooler problems. So, it's important to double-check for blown fuses, tripped breakers, and frayed electrical lines.

The wine cooler isn't cooling

This is the second of common problems with wine coolers that we'd like to discuss.

The other wine cooler issue could be from the thermostat, the condenser, the compressor, or the evaporator fan motor, depending on the type.

  • Compressor Wine Fridge
  • Some components of your compressor unit may malfunction if it is not cooling as it should. If it has no problem, it may need to inspect the condenser fan, evaporator, or thermostat.
  • The Condenser Fan is not Working
  • One of the most common problem is wine fridge not cooling. An integral part of the compressor cooling system of your wine refrigerator is the condenser fan. Its dual purpose is to keep the compressor and condenser coils at an optimal temperature. This necessitates that it be active whenever the rest of the system is active.
    Otherwise, the inside temperature of the cabinet could rise due to the overheating of the compressor and coils.
  • Evaporator
  • The evaporator generates cold air inside the wine fridge, providing the ideal conditions for storing wine. The inside of the cabinet is cooled by air drawn from the condenser coils. Even if the compressor is running at full capacity, it won't be able to produce the necessary cold air if the evaporator is broken.
    Fix: There is a fan in the evaporator as well. Hence, obstruction can potentially cause failure. To view the part thoroughly, you might have to wait for the ice to melt first.
    Ensure any dust or clutter is cleaned up. Verify that the fan's blades are in pristine condition as well. A new one will need to be purchased if this one breaks.
  • Thermostat
  • The thermostat may be broken if your compressor wine cooler's evaporator and condenser function normally.
    The compressor, condenser fan, and evaporator fan are all powered by this component. It also allows you to set and change the temperature inside the wine fridge. The wines within could spoil because of a lack of preservation heat if the cabinet's thermostat fails.
    fix:This complex technique can ruin your wine cooler if done incorrectly. Instead, hire a repair technician.

The Cooler is Leaking Water

Another common problems with wine coolers that we'd like to discuss is the Leaking Water

If water is leaking from your wine refrigerator, it is likely because of one of the following.

  • Do a Visual check
  • Condensation build-up
  • Drain pipe issue
  • The wine fridge is not settled
  • Door open frequently
  • Door seal problem
  • Temperature issue
  • Overfilling
  • Get Expert Help

Fix: Water puddles at the bottom of your wine fridge door may be produced by several factors.

  • After opening the wine cooler door, air can chill and condense.
  • If warm, humid air enters and drives the unit to cool rapidly, condensation can form on the door as the heated air cools. If this happens, the door is colder than the room, and the air is warm and humid.
  • Clean the moisture with a cloth and close the wine fridge door for a few days to let the temperature settle.
  • If this doesn't work, check the wine cooler's air ventilation around the back, top, and sides if it's freestanding. Check the air vents on a built-in wine cooler

The Wine Cooler is Making Noise

Due to temperature variations, some popping and cracking are to be expected. Verify the cooler's levelness if you hear rattling sounds coming from it.

Fix: Don't hesitate to contact maintenance if you hear any grinding or squeaking sounds.

Improper Room Temperature

Temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit are recommended. The wine refrigerator will not function well in a warmer environment. It's good news that there's no actual damage to the cooler, and the issue can be fixed quickly and easily.

Fix There's no actual damage to the cooler, and the issue can be fixed quickly and easily. If you crank up the A/C or take the cooler somewhere cooler, the refrigerator should start cooling again.

The Door isn't Closed

Make sure the ground is perfectly flat. If that's the case, perhaps the gaskets around the doors are dusty, or the shelves are in the wrong place.

Fix: Ensure the hinges are securely attached, and the door can be closed by loosening the hinge screws or bolts and then retightening them afterward.


To come up with the wine cooler problems, we cover the 5 essential issues with the wine cooler and skim the fixes. If you cannot solve your problem with fixed solutions and are looking for cost-effective, efficient wine cooler repairs in London, Cold Direct is ready to help you with any model and type.

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