What Are the Causes of Wine Fridge is Not Cooling and How To Fix It?

wine cooler not cooling

You're hosting a party, but the wine cooler stops working. You begin to panic and wonder, "Why is my wine fridge not cooling?" Such a devastating situation! Oh, what should you do to break through this hardship and take a breath and have a good time?

That is why you are here, to learn important reasons and tips for fixing your wine cooler not cooling that is most common problems with wine coolers.

Common Problems with Why is my Wine Cooler not Very Cold?

You might come up with wine cooler temperature problems in turn, if your wine fridge needs to be cooling. There are one or multiple signs of issues that leads to this frustrating situation, including

  • Power supply
  • Thermostat
  • External heat sources (oven)
  • Ventilation blockage
  • Lack of airflow
  • Fan problem

Both thermoelectric and compressor systems are used in wine coolers, with the latter being the more common. Something is amiss if a compressor unit isn't cooling like a refrigerator.

Why is my Wine Cooler not Very Cold
why is my wine fridge not very cold

However, malfunctioning thermoelectric units are not always obvious. It's essential to understand the constraints of a thermoelectric cooler before concluding that it's broken.

A thermoelectric cooler's efficiency is affected by the ambient temperature. Thus if the room is too warm, the cooler won't do its job.

These wine refrigerators function best in temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you push the upper limit of your wine chiller past this point, you risk ruining your wine.

Now, let's check out the most likely causes of your wine fridge not cooling and the solutions you can try.

How to Troubleshoot Wine Fridge Is Not Cooling?

Here is a list of most typical reasons and troubleshoots of why does my wine fridge feel warm?

Condenser Fan Is Not Working

The wine cooler's condenser and condenser coil are cooled by a fan called the condenser. Without the condenser fan's assistance, the condenser and coil can overheat, increasing the temperature inside the wine refrigerator.

Eventually, the heat from these components will enter the wine fridge, perhaps causing a cooling problem.


  • Check the condenser fan in the unit's back to ensure it's not obstructed (by dust/dirt) or creating an abnormal amount of noise.
  • If there is no obvious blockage, such as dust or dirt, the fan must be replaced.
  • Check that nothing is blocking the condenser fan and that it can rotate freely.
  • f the fan in your wine cooler is not turning, you must have it repaired using a factory-authorized part.
  • If your wine refrigerator has stopped cooling, try replacing the fan.

Thermostat not Turning on

A broken thermostat plays a critical role in your compressor wine fridge's, making the condenser, evaporator, fan, and compressor work.

This part is in charge of supplying juice to the compressor, evaporator fan, and condenser. If your wine fridge's thermostat isn't functioning properly, your wines could go bad since you can't keep them at the ideal temperature.

While a broken thermostat will typically cause the cabinet's inside temperature to rise, it can drop below freezing in extreme instances.

thermostat not turning on


  • Putting a thermometer inside the device and checking the displayed temperature are also good ways to do this. There is probably something wrong with the thermostat if the temperature displayed on the screen doesn't match the temperature taken by the thermometer.
  • If the thermostat is broken and preventing the wine cooler from functioning, you should get it repaired or replaced.

Evaporator Is Faulty

The evaporator in your wine cooler may malfunction if it is not producing cold air. A buildup of ice could be to blame for this. A fan in this component can get clogged up with dust or debris.

Remove any obstructions surrounding the fan or component to resolve the issue. You should get a new fan if the old one is damaged. The evaporator can be easily fixed if ice forms on it. The cooler can be plugged in when the ice has melted.


  • See if there is ice forming on the evaporator.
  • Ensure the evaporator's fan is working properly by inspecting the blades. It's also possible that the part became covered with dust and debris.
  • Ensure the evaporator is free of any dirt or debris that could prevent it from properly cooling the air.
  • If your fan is bent you can replace it with new one

Room Temperature Is Too Warm

Thermoelectric wine coolers dissipate heat from the storage area via Peltier modules. Due to the lack of a refrigerant system, the Peltier modules inside thermoelectric wine coolers are ineffective in very warm environments.


  • Do not put your thermoelectric wine cooler in a room higher than 25 degrees. Your wine cooler isn't broken so it can be fixed quickly and easily.
  • If it's been a while since you've checked, you might find that your wine collection has suffered from being kept at too high a temperature for too long.
  • Put your wine cooler somewhere considerably cooler, and use the air conditioner on hot days.
wine fridge temperature is too warm

condenser fan is Defective

Compressor overheating can occur if the cooling fan stops spinning. Over time, that warmth can seep into your wine fridge's inside. Cleaning out the condenser fan's dust and debris may be necessary to fix it.

If this is not the case and the fan still won't spin freely after being cleaned thoroughly, it must be replaced. Whilst you could handle it yourself, we recommend contacting the Commercial Appliance repair at Cold Direct.


  • Ensure nothing is blocking or damaging the fan blades before using the fan. Carefully clear the obstruction from the blades if necessary.
  • Blades that have been damaged must be replaced immediately.
  • If the fan still doesn't work after you've cleaned the blades, you may need to buy a new one.


Wine fridge not cooling troubleshooting requires knowledge of the cooling system. If you have a thermoelectric cooler, you can check out the above important causes, including The high ambient temperature, malfunctioning evaporator fans, inadequate ventilation, defective condenser, and thermostat problem. You can resolve them with the recommended fixes. If you cannot help, Cold Direct is ready to serve you with easy and cost-effective support with wine cooler repairs.

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