What is Display Fridge? All About Commercial Display Fridges

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Commercial Display fridges are what keep your store and restaurant running. If your supplies are not kept at the right temperature and in the right environment, replacing spoiled food is not only very expensive for your business, but also a health and safety hazard.

Commercial showcase refrigerator is one of the most important investments you will make in the store, food industry and restaurant.

First, we briefly introduce what is display fridge? then we say about the common types of Commercial display fridges, then we talk about common problems.

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What is Display Fridge?

A display fridge is a commercial multideck with an open front that allows consumers to reach cold items directly off the shelf. A commercial fridge, which is common in convenience stores, cake shops, coffee shops, and sandwich shops, is an excellent approach to stimulate impulse purchases.

How cold is a display fridge?

The temperature of a display fridge might vary based on its intended use and the sort of items shown. exhibit fridges are widely used to exhibit perishable commodities such as food and drinks in business settings such as grocery shops, convenience stores, bakeries, or restaurants.

Display refrigerators are typically adjusted to a temperature range of 0°C to 4°C (32°F to 39°F) for storing and showing cold or refrigerated items. This temperature range keeps the things on display fresh while also keeping them at a safe temperature for ingestion.

It is crucial to remember that the temperature ranges of some individual display fridges may vary based on the items they are meant to contain. A display refrigerator for ice cream, for example, may have a lower temperature setting, closer to -18°C (0°F) or lower, to keep the ice cream frozen.

To establish the exact cooling temperature of a certain display fridge, examine the manufacturer's specifications or the temperature settings on the fridge's control panel.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Display Refrigerators

Display refrigerators, often known as commercial display refrigerators or merchandisers, offer various benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of utilising display refrigerators:


Product Visibility: The main advantage of display fridges is that buyers can see the items without having to open the door. This raises the visibility of the goods, draws attention to it, and stimulates spontaneous purchases.

Merchandising:Display fridges are meant to present products in an organised and appealing manner, making it simpler for businesses to advertise certain items or brands, perhaps leading to greater sales.

Temperature Control: Display fridges keep the exhibited items fresh and safe for consumption by maintaining a regulated and consistent temperature.

Space Optimisation: Display fridges come in a variety of sizes and configurations, allowing businesses to maximise floor space while displaying a diverse assortment of items.

Quick Access: Customers can easily view and retrieve the things they want without having to continuously open the fridge, which helps to save electricity and maintain temperature stability.

Branding and Advertising: Many display fridges provide branding options, allowing companies to promote their brand by displaying their logo, promotions, or branding messaging on the exterior of the fridge.


Electricity Consumption: Due to the requirement for regular cooling to balance heat absorption from the glass, display refrigerators, particularly those with glass doors, may consume more electricity than standard closed-door refrigerators.

Frost building: Some display refrigerators may develop frost building on the glass, obstructing view and necessitating occasional defrosting.

Condensation and Water Spillage: In humid conditions, display fridges with glass doors may develop condensation on the glass, and consumer water spillage may make the display less inviting.

Security Issues: Without doors, open display fridges are vulnerable to theft or manipulation, and there is a danger of contamination if customers handle items without sufficient hygiene.

Limited Insulation: Display refrigerators with glass doors may have less insolation than solid-door refrigerators, resulting in somewhat larger temperature variations.

Higher Maintenance Cost: Display fridges may require more regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking attractive and to guarantee that the glass doors, lights, and temperature controls work properly.

Overall, the decision to employ display fridges is influenced by a company's unique demands and goals. While they have several advantages in terms of exposure, marketing, and product presentation, they also have some limitations that must be recognised and handled in order to ensure their efficient and successful usage.

Types of Commercial Display Fridges

There are three common types of display fridges, which are:

Glass Door Display Refrigerators

A glass door display refrigerator is a type of commercial refrigerator designed to display refrigerated products such as beverages and food. These refrigerators usually have one or more glass doors that allow customers and staff to see the contents of the refrigerator without opening it, which helps maintain temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

Glass door Commercial display fridges come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be used in a wide range of settings such as stores, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. Some models also have LED lights to increase product visibility.

Display of Refrigerators

Open air display refrigerators, also known as self-service refrigerated display cases, are commercial refrigeration units that are specifically designed to showcase a variety of refrigerated products such as deli meats, dairy products, and drinks.

They are similar to glass door display fridges in that they allow customers to see the contents of the unit without opening it, but they typically feature an open design, with no doors or lids. This allows customers to easily access the products, making them popular in delis, stores, and supermarkets.

These refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be used to display a variety of products. They are typically designed to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level to keep the products fresh and safe. Some models may also include features like LED lighting, adjustable shelves, and digital temperature controls.

Open air display fridges are usually more energy efficient than traditional refrigeration units, as they have less insulation and rely on more natural air flow.

Vertical Commercial Display Fridges (Upright Display Refrigerators)

Vertical display fridges, also known as vertical open-front refrigerators, are a type of commercial refrigeration unit that is typically tall and narrow and oriented vertically.

Vertical fridges are often used in stores, supermarkets and delis. They save space and can be placed in tight areas where floor space is limited. They also allow for easy product browsing as they are displayed in a way that is easy to see and access. These refrigerators have shelves that are arranged vertically and allow more products to be displayed in less space. They are usually used for items that are stored less frequently, such as wine or beer bottles.

Commercial Display Fridges Common Problems

There are a few common problems that can occur with Commercial display fridges, such as:

  • The refrigerator does not cool: This can be due to a compressor failure or a thermostat problem and lack or low gas.
  • The refrigerator makes strange noises: this may be due to a problem with the compressor or the fan.
  • The refrigerator is leaking water: This may be due to a clogged drain or a problem with the water source or water tray.
  • The refrigerator door seal is damaged: this can cause the refrigerator to lose cool air and reduce its efficiency.

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